7 Techniques To Grow Your Leads


                                                                             by CHIRAG DASH / 16 FEBRUARY 2022



1: Publish Goal-Oriented Content

Your social media content might align perfectly with your target audience’s demographics and interests. But if it isn’t designed for your sales funnel’s consideration or conversion stage, the content probably won’t produce the results you want. So what types of content should you create for these funnel stages?

Consideration and Lead Generation Content

Prospects in the middle of the funnel in the consideration stage are weighing their options. They’re actively searching for solutions to problems and challenges and they’re seeking the information they need to make a decision.

Because they probably already know the basics of your business and what you offer, they’re more likely to respond to in-depth content like:

  • Product demonstrations that help them experience how your solutions work
  • Case studies that let them see how your solutions have helped other brands achieve their goals
  • Quizzes that help them understand which of your products or services would be the best solution for their needs

Sales and Conversion Content

Prospects in the conversion stage have the information they need to make a decision. They’re typically waiting for the right moment to sign up or buy. You can prompt them to complete a purchase by publishing content like:

  • Special offers and discounts they can access for a limited time only
  • eCommerce links that encourage them to shop your online catalog
  • Free trials that let them start using your product or service at no cost

2: Embrace Live Events

For many businesses, publishing pre-produced content like YouTube videos and Instagram stories may be more than enough to generate leads and conversions. But what if you want to form deeper relationships with your audience or connect with prospects in real-time?

Going live lets you communicate directly with prospects while presenting your business in a more authentic light, which can be ideal for sales and leads. Fortunately, you can host virtual events on any social media channel so you can connect with your audience anywhere from Instagram to Facebook.

On social channels, you can also host audio-only events that allow more open conversations with potential customers. For example, Twitter Spaces even let you choose speakers to invite to the conversation or ask questions so you can talk one on one.

Do you want listeners to sign up for your list, visit your website, or sign up for a free trial after your space? You can share tweets in your space to generate clicks, leads, and conversions.



3: Use Lead Magnets to Attract and Boost Prospects

Hosting live events and publishing helpful content are great ways to attract your target audience and build trust. But that doesn’t mean you should make all of your best content available to just anyone. Instead, creating high-value gated content is often ideal for generating and qualifying warm leads.

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To access gated content ( any content that your visitors can access only after providing their information), prospects have to share their personal information including name, contact details, job title, and needs or challenges. Your business can use this data to nurture or remarket to leads and guide them toward a conversion.

In exchange for their personal information, prospects get access to exclusive content that provides real value. Also known as a lead magnet, gated content can be anything from a downloadable guide or white paper to a discount code or webinar.

When you link to a lead magnet on your website or another external site, pay special attention to the landing page. Always make sure that it’s easy to navigate using a mobile device and prospects can register for or download your lead magnet efficiently.

The gated content you develop doesn’t necessarily have to be a one-time event or download. When you want to offer exclusive content to warm leads on an ongoing basis, consider creating an online community.

You could create a Facebook group that prospects could join by request or invitation. Then you could use the space to learn more about your potential customers and help them find the solutions they need. You might start conversations about issues your prospects are navigating, encourage them to ask questions, or provide helpful resources.



4: Use Funnel-Oriented Calls to Action

No matter which channel you’re using or the funnel stage you’re targeting, it’s important to add the right calls to action (CTAs) to your social media copy. These prompts serve two purposes: They tell prospects what to do after seeing your content and guide them further along through your funnel.

Although it may seem like CTAs are always pushy or salesy, yours don’t have to be. Instead, different CTAs work better for prompting action at each stage of the funnel. Here are a few ideas for lead generation CTAs:

  • Sign up to join our next live webinar.
  • Download our guide to get our advanced tips.
  • Read our new case study to find out how we helped a business cut costs by 50%.

     To drive conversions and sales, consider CTAs like these:

  • Start your free trial today.
  • Get our brand-new product before it’s gone.
  • Don’t miss out on our once-a-year deal.


5: Integrate Automated Direct Messaging

If you plan to use social media to generate leads and drive conversions, you can expect to get a lot of DMs. To build trust and keep moving potential customers through your funnel, it’s important to respond to messages as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, you don’t have to monitor your social inboxes around the clock—at least in most cases.

Many social media channels either already have built-in inbox automation or make it easy to integrate third-party apps. For example, you can automate your Instagram Direct messages through Facebook Business Manager. First, navigate to your inbox and click the Automated Responses tab. Then choose the type of automation you want to set up:

  • Instant Replies are ideal for responding quickly to people messaging your business for the first time.
  • Away Messages are great for replying promptly even if your team isn’t online.
  • Frequently Asked Questions are best for providing the resources your prospects often request.

With Business Manager, you can also set up automated lead generation messages on Facebook. Click Custom Keywords and add the keywords you want to trigger the automated message. Then write a short message and add personalization or images. You can also add buttons with external links that prospects can click to access resources or visit your website.

So how do you get people to trigger the automated message you set up? Ask prospects to DM you the keyword or phrase. They’ll get the resource they want and you’ll be able to identify them as potential customers. You can also add them to your remarketing list for future ad campaigns.



6: Optimize Organic Content

By now you have a list of organic tactics and tools that can help you get more leads and conversions on social media. But how do you make sure you get the best results from your efforts?

Your analytics can give you a ton of insight into what’s working best for your brand. For example, your social media analytics can reveal the types of posts that generate the most clicks or engagement. Along the same lines, your website analytics can show which channels drive the most traffic and contribute to the most sales or conversions.

Even with all of that data, you may still have questions. Would one CTA or another be better for generating leads? Could you generate more revenue with lifestyle or product photos? Should you publish more posts with images or links, or should you stick to the video instead?

Facebook lets you run tests so you can compare different types of organic posts and find exactly what works for your brand. Open Creator Studio and navigate to Post Testing to experiment with Facebook posts. Then click the blue Start a Test button. Choose the type of content you want to test, including videos, images, links, and text.

Add at least two posts to compare and then choose the key metric to determine performance. If leads and conversions are your priority, Link Clicks is probably your best bet for a key metric.

When the test ends and Facebook determines a winner, the channel will continue to distribute the most successful post. You can see results for current and past experiments on the Post Testing tab so you can keep track of the variables that your audience responds to most reliably.



7: Run Lead and Conversion Ads

If you want to reach more people and accelerate your results, set aside a budget for advertising. From Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn and YouTube, each social channel offers both lead generation and conversion campaigns.

For example, you can use Google Ads leads or sales campaign objectives to reach your goals via YouTube. Use the platform’s conversion tracking tools to monitor leads and sales on your website and then optimize your ads for exactly what you want to achieve.

You can also use Facebook Ads Manager to run campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms support lead gen ads that let you collect contact information from prospects and catalog sales ads for advertising a collection of items from your eCommerce site.




No matter which social media channel you want to focus on, your business has a wide range of options for generating leads and sales. Some industries lend themselves better to certain lead generation strategies, so you must experiment with different tactics to better understand what works and what doesn’t.


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